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The key for long lasting customer satisfaction.


We are aware of the importance to assist our customer at best; this is the key point for a long lasting partnership, this is why Idra continues to invest in its service and spare part activites, training and hiring new enginers and encrasing the value of its spare part inventory for quick and fast delivery.

Immediate answers to customers demands, at a competitive price are our guidelines for all of our employees. IDRA provides direct assistance to our worldwide customers using all possile tools that market offers, but above all thanks to our qualified technicians and our service and spare parts official dealers. Our call center and teleservice (direct intervention on our machines in remote assistance from our headquarter) guarantee quick answers and immediate recovery of the operational condition in most cases, without the need of direct intervention of our technicians, that are at any rate ready to come to customer size within 24 hours from the call.  Not only after sale service, but also refurbishments, retrofitting and upgrades are the products that Idra can ensure to all its worldwide customers.




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By sending the module, users consent to the treatment of personal data pursuant to the General Regulation on data protection (EU 2016/679). For further information, click here (Privacy Policy)
What IDRA offers

After many years of operation, giving your die casting machine new life is well worth it: submitting your machine to a general overhaul, or modernizing drives and controls starts a new life cycle. Update your machine to meet today’s requirements in terms of energy consumption, material efficiency, productivity and reliability.
On old machines with functioning hydraulics and mechanics, controls can be replaced with state-of-the-art IDRA controls – without changing how they are operated.

Die casting machine Idra Group | refurbishment

IDRA technicians are highly competent at using state-of-the-art machines to recondition closing cylinders, hydraulic ejectors, tie-bar clamping systems as well as the peripheral equipment of casting cells. For many high-quality machine components, such as servo valves, pumps and controls, IDRA offers fully overhauled repair-replacement parts.

Die casting machine Idra Group | retrofitting

IDRA support you worldwide with a reliable availability of all the most important wear and spare parts. Furthermore, IDRA is always working to improve its machines to reduce cycle times and energy consumption, as well as boost product quality and technology.
IDRA can retrofit new functions, such as establishing 4.0 network connection with host computers. When you choose a IDRA Die Press Machine, you choose the safety to be supported for many years with Original Spare Parts to keep your machines working at top level.

Die casting machine Idra Group | spare parts

With the amazing Inject Computer Technology, IDRA can offer remote maintenance. Whenever required, IDRA experienced techicians review hydraulic systems and controls. Pumps, sensors and valves are checked and analysed using state-of-theart analytical software. This often solves the problem, or indicates to the operator’s maintenance staff how to help themselves. If desired, control updates or new software options can be uploaded. IDRA Remote Service Platform boosts service efficiency, flexibility and productivity while keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.

Die casting machine Idra Group | remote support

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