Giga press macchine pressofusione Idra Group

Giga Press macchine pressofusione Idra Group

Welcome to the era of the
Giga Press.

NEO 5500 - NEO 6100 - NEO 8000 - NEO 9000t
IDRA is the first company worldwide that has Giga Press solutions already producing parts for the automotive body in white sector. This innovation revolutionizes the manufacturing of the car body structure, reducing substantially assembly time and costs.

IDRA focuses on powerful and sophisticated machines for a demanding market such as the automotive industry, and it became the first company to build machines for structural elements with many years of experience including magnesium components. Today IDRA produces the largest machines in the world, 8.000 and 9.000 ton die casting machines that are being used to accelerate the global move towards electric and hybrid vehicles.
IDRA was the first company to receive production orders for 9.000 ton machines that can be used for SUV and small truck markets. Even in this case IDRA started off first on these projects, which seemed to be impossible at the time but and now can provide Giga Presses with fairly standard delivery times.
Producing more die casting machines order to make more vehicles, exploiting IDRA know-how to provide the market with the right product at the right time, therefore endeavouring to make our presses increasingly smart We strive to provide the user with the possibility to respond to an increasingly competitive and technological product requirement.

IDRA Giga Press Innovative Goals:

• new solutions for the hydraulic plant, capable of determining a certified 54% saving on energy consumption.
more stable injection conditions with regeneration in all phases, to guarantee the best possible dynamic force in every possible operating phase and therefore the possibility of manufacturing larger structural castings with thinner walls.
• a deep evolution in the body of new generation cars, doors, and crash protection, improving aesthetics and modularity with a uniquely experienced production history starting in 2020.
industry 4.0, development of new architectures for the die casting cell with a central cell controller integrating and monitoring the press and all other peripheral equipment, so as to ensure the central role of control programming and the simplification of the commissioning of die casting plant at the clients’ premises.

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GigaPress Catalogue | Download pdf
Die casting machine Idra Group Giga Press
Die casting machine Idra Group NEO


Idra Group is going all-in in Forward thinking Eco Complimentary Commitment. Giga Press is the first IDRA system fully designed for a sustainable foundry or “Efficient Manufacturing Facility” in order to meet these amazing accomplishments:



Low scrap waste from production.

High efficiency and optimized energy usage.

Sustainable factory environment taken into consideration at the design stage.

Helping to lower industrial production costs.


Giga Press also offers unparalleled guaranteed long life and reliability.

Die casting machine Idra Group Giga Press

Low Energy cost

Energy efficient motors with speed control.
Minimized injection pressure loss and accumulator recharge time.

Die casting machine Idra Group Giga Press

Fast cycle times

Integrated high flow hydraulic manifold blocks.
Increased pump capacity utilizing DCP technology.

Die casting machine Idra Group Giga Press

User friendly controls

Inject Computer 3.2 (best in class machine management software).
Eliminated push button Unit using Multiple touch screens.
Cell controller Single point setting for integrated peripheral automation.

Die casting machine Idra Group Giga Press

Easy maintenance and minimal risk of fluid loss

All-in-one hydraulic manifolds.
Limited use of external pipe-work.
Designed-for-access mechanical groups with new guard design.

Die casting machine Idra Group Giga Press

Fit for complex parts manufacture

Closed loop 5S regenerative control of the injection velocity.
Programming and control of process parameters.




New Injection Series 5S©

  • Closed loop regenerative injection with aux servo pump for efficient recharge.
  • Extended velocity control valve life by balance of hydraulic forces.
  • High dynamic force necessary to fill difficult castings.
  • Maintaining same final pressure requirement for porosity in power train castings.


  • Reducing complex electrical parts and stops.
  • Simplified assembly of the system with modular scalable construction.
  • Increased safety requirements for access while machine is running.
  • Reduced emissions from the die casting process.


  • Reduced energy consumption per cycle of the DCM cell.
  • Separated closing and injection pump systems.
  • Allowing subgroup testing for the injection system.


  • A more efficient way of managing the software requirements for complicated cells.
  • Standard DCM software avoids instability and unnecessary stops.
  • Flexibility and customization for many different configurations.
  • Easy integration with the best in market products.
The Injection System

Giga Press debuts the new revolutionary patented injection system, a result of an amazing R&D effort and two years of hot tests in collaboration with IDRA Group’s FSA partners.

5S is a closed loop regenerative injection with aux servo pump for efficient recharge, that gives you total control of pressure and velocity, with high dynamic force necessary to fill difficult castings, and an incredibile amount of technological enhancements to give you superior results.

360° view of the new 5S injection system  

NEO macchine pressofusione Idra Group


  • Massima forza dinamica del cilindro di iniezione sempre disponibile (2a fase).
  • Forza dinamica ottimizzata.
  • Migliore qualità della stampata.


  • Miglior controllo.
  • Meno tensione ed effetto termico.
  • Minore sollecitazione su masselli, tubi e guarnizioni.


  • Consumo di fluido idraulico ridotto fino al 54%.
  • Basso consumo di energia.
  • Ricarica efficiente e pressione programmabile.
  • Lunga durata dei componenti.


  • Fluido mai scaricato nel serbatoio.
  • Fluido idraulico non emulsionato.
  • Start 1a fase senza saltello.
  • Riduzione rumore durante il movimento di iniezione.


  • Stabilità senza rivali.
  • Ripetibilità di prim’ordine.
  • Pressione finale eccellente.
Macchine pressofusione Idra Group
The Guarding System

Giga Press debuts the new Guarding system developed by Idra Group following the ‘Foreco. Forever’ philosophy: eco-sustainability and efficiency. The innovative system comes with reduced manufacturing costs and impact: the toggle guarding can now be eliminated using a closed system with light barrier protection, and difficult to manufacture sheet metal gear guards are no longer needed.

The NGS goes the ‘less is more’ route with a simplified electrical installation, a minimalistic design that reduces components and removes cable and switches. These improvements - together with a DC motor with direct belt drive - allows for a faster movement of the guards and a quicker cycle. The new design is also easily customizable: customer name and logo can be added to rear panels and colour scheme can easily be modified on request.

Die casting machine Idra Group Giga Press


  • Servo drive
  • Faster Guard movement
  • Reduced Wear
  • Simplified Design
  • Total machine protection
  • Easy customization
Drive Control Pump System Giga Press Idra Group
Drive Control Pump System

Giga Press comes equipped with the new over-theedge Drive Control Pump System developed by Idra Group. The DCP has a new architecture, that can accomplish the same efficiency with smaller kW motors, thanks to a new MasterSlave, closing unit, an improved PLC control and a new Injection Accumulator charging unit, that charges independently from the closing and core puller system.

The new 4.0 architecture

IDRA Cell Controller is a brand new 4.0 architecture developed by IDRA and available in all the new machines, to perform efficiently the software requirements for complicated cells. From a single ‘Cell Controller’ unit, you can now control the DCM and all the peripherals of the automation cell with an easy to read, easy to customize user interface.

IDRA Cell Controller brings a new level of connectivity and integration, with a seamless flow of data IDRA Cell Controller exchange between DCM and the peripherals, to give you full control over production and process traceability. In a single screen you have a complete diagnostic analysis of the cell, greatly improving set-up and maintenance times and costs.
The DCM software is standard to give 100% reliability, and the Cell Controller offers complete flexibility and customization for many different configurations.

Cell Controller Idra Group Giga Press




Giga Press macchine pressofusione Idra Group
  • Lower maintenance controller costs for peripherals
  • High quality data and comprehensive integration
  • Total safety control
  • Easy customization and integration process
  • Improved OEE efficiency
  • Industry 4.0 ready


Die casting machine Idra Group Giga Press


Download documents here
GigaPress Catalogue | Download pdf


IDRA GROUP | INSIDE IDRA - Shipping times and costs Giga Press

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IDRA GROUP | Assembly of No. 3 Giga Press in Idra Italia

The assembly of a Giga Press in time lapse.


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