Idra Whistleblowing

Whistleblowing Reports - Following the entry into force of Legislative Decree 24/2023 on Whistleblowing, IDRA S.r.l. has set up various channels for the reporting of any corporate offences and irregularities.


IDRA S.r.l. aims to maintain an environment in which open and honest communications are the rule and not the exception, with the desire that all employees and collaborators feel comfortable asking questions or expressing concerns when they believe possible violations have occurred.

If you are aware of irregularities that could lead to violations and/or wrongdoing, you should make a Whistleblowing Report.
The expression whistleblowing refers to whistleblowing as a manifestation of civic sense, which contributes to bringing to light and preventing situations that undermine good administration or the public interest.
IDRA S.r.l. guarantees the confidentiality and anonymity of whistleblowers and of the information provided in compliance with the law.

Reporting modalities


The channels for making a report are as follows:

Remember that Whistleblowing channels are not appropriate for handling personal matters or matters relating to the employment contract, relations with the supervisor or other colleagues that do not fall within the scope of violations of the Code of Ethics or Legislative Decree 24/2023.


Some practical tips to protect the anonymity/confidentiality of your report
The Idra Group Whistleblowing portal is directly accessible from the official Idra website

The Idra Group Whistleblowing portal has been designed following the principles of privacy and security by design and by default, i.e. by integrating GDPR requirements into the software development and by default, by design.

Traffic to the Idra Group Whistleblowing portal is encrypted in transit while data stored in the platform is encrypted at rest or in the database. 

In order to protect your reports below you will find some practical guidelines; make sure you implement them for enhanced cyber security and protect the anonymity/confidentiality of your report:

  • use devices that are private and that you have control over to make reports or to consult reports that you have already made;
  • use incognito browsing if possible;
  • keep your credentials in protected places where there is no risk of sharing them with anyone;
  • ensure that you do not make reports or access the Idra Group Whistleblowing portal in public or in places where your screen activity can be seen by other individuals;
  • only access the Idra Group Whistleblowing portal via a secure internet connection and a private network so that your internet traffic is protected before it reaches the platform.

Post a Report

IDRA S.r.l. aims to maintain an environment where open and honest communication is the rule and not the exception. Log in to the portal and leave your report.