die casting machine Idra Group

70 years of experience in the production of die casting machines


Since founded in 1946 by Adamo Pasotti, IDRA has always been the technological reference point for the die casting of non ferrous alloys in Italy, in Europe and worldwide.

During all the long life of IDRA’s activities, passion, competence and ongoing research are the elements that have marked the innovative solutions, with high reliability and high quality in every production phase.
Reliability, sturdiness, innovative technology and ease of use and maintenance of all products are the result of the IDRA technicians’ work, characterized by a strong human factor. Starting from the casting of aluminum alloys, up to those of zinc, magnesium and brass, IDRA has demonstrated the value of their know-how through a long process of growth punctuated by important goals, as evidenced by the numerous machines still in operation around the world for over 50 years.
Many successes ready to witness and tell the long journey of a brand imprinted in the heart of the die casting world.

In 2008 IDRA was strategically acquired by LK Technology Holding Ltd, a multinational company able to position itself as a world leader through multiple holdings, of which the most important is L.K. Machinery.
2018: General manager Riccardo Ferrario announces that Idra has got the first order in the world for one OL 5500 CS HPDC machine. IDRA is again the first company worldwide that can offer Giga presses on the market. The era of the Giga press begins.
Today IDRA produces the largest machines in the world, 5.500 ton and 6.200 ton, 8.000 ton and now 9.000 ton presses.

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Die casting machine Idra Group

One of the major manufacturers of die casting machines in Europe, China and the world, the brand is recognized globally as a byword for quality and reliability.

Die casting machine Idra Group


More about Idra Group

Vision & Mission

IDRA stands for the continuous development and production of high-performance machines and their automation.

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Idra Values

Innovation, proven know-how and experience are what distinguishes a leader from a follower.

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Facts & Numers

More than 2000 customers worldwide and 15,560 machines produced: growth never happens by chance.

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IDRA quality. ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certified.

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