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IDRA Highlights

A lean Manufacturing organisation combined with the use of local skilled Know how making IDRA less vulnerable to market fluctuations. The use of external contract teams and suppliers to cover standard operations allows a flexibility and gives greater manufacturing capacity.

Die casting machine Idra Group

Maximising Purchasing to guarantee productivity and meet tight deadlines placed on production by the customer for delivery of complicated production cells. The shipping of machines in subgroups has become standard operational practice to further accelerate the production process and create more space for additional capacity.

Die casting machine Idra Group

Orders placed in the global market for IDRA cold chamber machines. Europe including the eastern countries remains the strongest market however it is notable that the central American states, notable Mexico are growing strong.

Die casting machine Idra Group

Die casting machine Idra Group

97 Million/€ 
revenues in 2018

50 Million/€ 
orders in hand March 2019

registered capital

R&D expenditure in 2018

employees in 2019

Die casting machine Idra Group

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A technological benchmark in light alloy die-casting since 1946.

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Vision & Mission

IDRA stands for the continuous development and production of high-performance machines and their automation.

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Idra Values

Innovation, proven know-how and experience are what distinguishes a leader from a follower.

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IDRA quality. ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certified.

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