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Giga Press and his Injection 5S is one of the three finalist at the 2024 European Inventor Award. Fiorenzo Dioni and Richard Oberle at European Inventor Award 2024!
Many countries are taking steps to reduce their carbon emissions, and one of the mandates set in this direction is to make all new cars electric by 2035, as set out by the European Green Deal. However, the higher cost of electric vehicles remains a concern for many people. The Giga Press and the 5s injection system, developed by the engineers Fiorenzo Dioni and Richard Oberle, is geared towards producing electric car parts on a large scale to make electric cars widely available and more affordable. The IDRA Group’s duo are nominated as finalists in the ‘Industry’ category of the European Inventor Award 2024 for their contributions to the automotive industry. They were chosen from 550 candidates for this year’s edition.
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