IDRA and Phase Two – Coronavirus


In the last months we kept you up to date via our web site to show our active commitment to doing responsible business working from home. Today we want to communicate to you how our commitment has not changed but finally we can restart production activities.

The shop floor has now started back with full time operations and we take every care to ensure that they have the necessary personal protective equipment and maintain an appropriate working distance.

Thanks to the safe prevention measures Idra has maintained a presence for supporting our customers. Serving the companies that are producing goods necessary for Italy and the rest of the world; thanks to smart working our team processes and manages your requests or orders. The technical department continues to design complex engineering solutions to keep your plans moving forward in this brave new world of Phase Two The venture outside.

That's why you have received and will continue to receive calls from our sales managers and project teams who have developed tailored solution adapted to your requests.

Without your attention and patience, we would have found ourselves in an empty company with nothing to keep our minds and skills active over these months. Instead, you have been an active part of this work and we would like to thank all of our customers for this.

We remind you that all our technical staff and sales managers remain contactable, as usual, and that all services are active and operational. Our technical office will continue to work from their homes linked back to their office computers so that we are productive and ready to prepare drawings or software for your orders.

Customer visits are still not advisable for the moment but if you want to see your project status directly we can arrange a private tour via skype or Zoom to our shop floor where you can see progress first hand.

Idra will keep you posted as the situation develops and we wish all of you a safe and productive restart.