German Engineers at IDRA Plant


Students from RWTH University of Aachen visit IDRA in Travagliato

In Course of a extended Excursion trough northern Italy, a group of 30 students of the RWTH University of Aachen, led by Dr.-Ing.  Vroomen , visited the new IDRA building in Travagliato.

After an introduction by IDRA`s General Manager, Ricardo Ferrario, the students were informed about the newest technologies and innovations which developed in the more then 60 years of IDRA history.

The new, for customers requirements constructed, machine series OLS  was introduced with its innovative INJECT II Computer,  as well as current topics like Semi Solid Rheocasting, SSR®.

A walk through the modern construction convinced these future engineers of the quality of IDRA`s  machines, the effective spare part stock of the CAN BAN principle and the strict quality control of incoming components.

Highlight of this visit was the inspection of a modern 4000 ton Die casting machine next to one of the first die casting machines ever build.