The best system for injection

Closed loop with control of velocity, piston stroke and pressure

Idra's standard injection system allows for complete closed loop control on velocity and piston stroke, which allows for breaking before the multiplication phase thus eliminating high pressure peaks.
Idra has also developed an additional option to control the pressure and velocity during the multiplication phase, using a three way valve (TPQ).  This solution allows for the elimination of the separate Biconstant hydraulic circuit and  the substitution of the proportional valve for the third phase with an On/Off valve thus simplifying the entire hydraulic circuit.

The advantages for the Die Caster:

1- excellent repeatability (CpK) of the injection curve

2- higher production and quality of products.

3- Simplicity of the hydraulic circuit. (One valve set to 160 bar,2nd and 3rd

      Phase set with On/Off valve).

4- Machine having less parts thus reducing maintenance and part costs.