After sales service

The key for long lasting customer satisfaction.

We are aware of the importance to assist our customer at best; this is the  key point for a long lasting partnership, this is why  Idra continues to invest in its service and spare part activites,  training and hiring new enginers and encrasing the value of its spare part inventory for quick and fast delivery. Immediate answers to customers demands, at a competitive price are our guidelines for all of our employees.
Idra provides direct assistance to our worldwide customers using all possile tools that market offers,  but above all thanks to  our qualified technicians and our service and  spare parts official dealers.

Our call center and teleservice (direct intervention on our machines in remote assistance from our headquarter) guarantee quick answers and immediate recovery of the operational condiction  in most cases, without the need of  direct intervention of our technicians, that are at any rate ready   to come to customer size within  24 hours from the call.
Our warehouse located in Italy and the delocalized warehouse located in Usa, Germany an Cina as well as the ones at our service and spare part official dealer plants warranty full critical spare part coverage and fast delivery.
Not only after sale service, but also refurbishments, retrofitting and upgrades are the products that Idra can ensure to all its worldwide customers.