Taking care of details

Idra Group supplies die casting machines and complete cells from 250 to 5000 tons, for aluminum and magnesium.

With 50 years’ experience and engineering, Idra is well aware that its customers require a complete and integrated system that can meet all the needs of any production line.

For this reason Idra has developed the necessary competence and structures to give each partner the best solutions, and in the course of the time it has acquired leading die producing companies in order to supply complete and tailor made turn key plants for each specific demand.

An example of installation, besides the diecasting machine and the integrated supervision and control system, includes:

- holding or dosing furnace
- metal ladle
- die lubricator
- device for insert loading and cast unloading
- Cast quality controller
- Cooling tank
- trimming press (“C”or with tie bars)
- Conveyor belts and cast ejection devices
- Thermoregulation devices
- Dies

From small machines to bigger cells, Idra always has the right answer to any customer’s need.