Innovation is the key point to determine the competitiveness and success of a company .


This concept has always been deep-seated in the mentality of Idra and has lead us to be the first company to reach important technological achievements.

Today IDRA is engaged on three parallel  fronts:

- Development of new injection systems
- Development of a new machine control system
- Development of solutions with low environmental impact

Our range of OLS diecasting machines represents at present the state of the art for its technology:  solidity, reliability and high performing standards. Some of the features that our customers particularly appreciate are: absence of electrowelded pipes, use of  blocks for distribution and hydraulic fluid control, ultra fast proportional valves (project developed by Idra and protected by an exclusivity contract with our supplier and partner, Parker), standardization and modular solutions for all hydraulic and mecahnic components.
Not only close loop control with setting of both speed and position of the injection piston, but also  close loop control with setting of the pressures: this enables our customers to choose the injection system which best fits their demands.
Second phase speed is one of the most important feature in a diecasting machine. Idra guarantees  a standard of 9 m/s but can provide 10 m/s also on machines up to 4.200 ton thanks to the innovative “TCS” (Twin control system).
Our control system for diecasting machines and peripheral equipments have reached the third generation: “IC III”: faster, more reliable, with touch screen video and second level 3D diagnostic for an easier and immediate fault finding. 

Idra has always paid attention to environmental impact and offers today “Energy saving” solutions that satisfy tomorrow’s requirements.