The experience that gives confidence.

Idra was founded in 1946 by the Pasotti family and has become since then the reference point for development of die casting technology.
Passion, competence and constant search for innovative solutions are some of the features of Idra team.
The reliability, solidity, user friendliness, innovative technology and ease of maintenance of all its products are the result of the job of Idra engineers.
Idra has proved the value of its know-how starting from the field of light aluminum alloys until that of zinc, magnesium and brass alloys, following a developing path marked by frequent achievements. Achievements that witness the story of a brand impressed in the heart of world die casting.

YearProductProcess / Company
2006 New PlantTravagliato (Bs)
2009New OLS product line 
2010New closed loop control (idra/Parker exclusivity agreement)
2011Second series of 2-platen machines (OL R) 
2011Nox Process for structural castings 
2012Hot chamber machine line (HC) 
2013OL S line evolution with full closed loop control on speed and pressure 
2013High performance and energy saving line 
2014New INJECT COMPUTER 3.0 Supervisor developed in Windows 7 
2015New OLCS cold chamber compact die casting machine product line 
2016Industry 4.0: full integrated and sensorized DC cell 

Older milestones