Idra Mexico Opening

Samstag 30 Juni 2018

On June 29th 2018 Idra Mexico has officially opened its door with an amazing celebration with more than 100 visitors.

The company will offer local service support to our Mexican customers, with dedicated service engineering team and spare parts stored in its warehouse. Besides, IDRA MX will have the mission of further developing the Mexican market, which is very promising for our business.

Mexico is attracting new investors of the automotive business and has strong and solid infrastructures. Garcia is also the perfect place for better serving the southern Us States and South America.

Idra can also count on two important partners in Mexico:

- Automac, our official agent and service dealer based on Queretaro.
- Artimpianti de Mexico, our new partner.

Artimpianti de Mexico is part of the Artimpianti Group, an Italian leading company for foundry automation, service, refurbishing and commissioning of equipment.

We believe that, together, we can better grow in Mexico. In fact, Artimpianti has great experience in gravity, low pressure and sand technology while Idra is strong in high Pressure Die Casting technology. Together we can cover the whole aluminum and Magnesium foundry business.